Our Team

Our motto is ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. That dream? It is the same as your dream: a growing and thriving business. By taking all the worries around accommodation off your hands, you can focus on your business. And if we are successful in this, our organisation grows too. That’s how we make each other grow. Cool, right?

We're here for you

Jeordie Brouwer

Managing Director

Danny Jansen

Financial Manager

Daniël Dol

Commercial Director

Jacqueline du Crocq

Operations Manager

Lisette van Berkel

Corporate lawyer / Business development

Joost Verhulst

Patrick Bos

ICT Manager

Jolanda Versnel

Sales Manager

Claudia Kromhout

Sales Manager

Wenda Boereboom

Financial Administrative Assistant

Willy Jansen

Financial Administrative Assistant

Puck van Delft

Junior Administrative Assistant

Matthijs Sluijter

Assistant Operations Manager

Kirstin de Jong

Management assistant / HR assistant

Marga Boom

Management assistant

Léonne ter Haar

Management assistent

Kim van Hees

Club Manager Rotterdam

Samira Chrifi

Club Manager De Meern

Francisca Baum

Club Manager Leiden/Utrecht

Jacqueline de Vries

Club Manager Amsterdam

Jacqueline de Vries

Robin Coenraad

Club Host Amsterdam

Sacha Renzen

Club Host Rotterdam

Elma van der Stoep

Club Host Almere

Merel van der Plas

Club Host Leiden

Ilse Hofmeester Ossendorp

Club Host Almere

Lobke Hoekstra

Club Host De Goeman

Fabienne van der Heijden

Club Host Rotterdam

Anouk Meurs

Renée IJsebaert

Tessa Nuij

Club Host Almere/Utrecht

Anne Abrahamse

Club Host Utrecht

Nga Nguyen

Club Host Utrecht

Hans van der Hoeven

Property manager/Technical employee

Tycho Kuntze

Property manager/Technical employee

Theo de Rooij

Property manager Utrecht