Leasing a Meeting Room
at Element Offices

More than a meeting room

From small, intimate Meeting Rooms to imposing boardrooms… And from stylish presentation rooms to creative brainstorming rooms kitted out with balance balls and walls covered in whiteboard wallpaper – successful meetings start with Element Offices’ inspirational meeting spaces. And by the way…we call them Meeting Rooms on purpose. Because they’re about so much more than run-of-the-mill business decisions. For instance, you could give a presentation or meet face-to-face with a client in an on-brand environment. Our Meeting Rooms are also frequently booked for coaching sessions, progress interviews, courses, work consultations, and, yes…business conferences.

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The Club

A visit by you and your guests to Element Offices starts with The Club – the vibrant heart of our locations. This is the spot to meet fellow tenants and clients, enjoy a cup of coffee, or flip open a laptop in one of our flex spaces. It goes without saying that our hospitality team is there to welcome you and your guests in person. We’re there for you, to show you to your meeting room and explain the ins and outs of how everything works. (So, no IT headaches.)

Room service included

Leasing a Meeting Room comes with full room service, e.g. water, coffee, and tea of every flavour. Naturally, you and your guests have access to our high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the location. And the meeting room has everything you need for a successful meeting, from telephones and TV screens to flip charts and office tools galore.

How many people can be accommodated varies by room. Please visit our location pages for an overview of each location’s meeting rooms.

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Meetings in style

We’ve had five stylish interior design themes created, themes that we’re gradually rolling out across all our locations. This is no slapdash affair. Every Meeting Room is infused with innovative design down to the last detail for a unique vibe.


Steel. Concrete. Brick. These raw materials are the cornerstone of this industrial design. Interwoven with geometric shapes, clean lines, New York taxi yellow, and a view of the city – you feel like you're right in the middle of a bustling metropolis. The Meeting Rooms feature clean lines and an edgy, industrial look. Yellow flourishes add a pop of playfulness, vibrancy, and dynamism to the spaces.


The Nature Zone’s organic materials, glass walls, and panoramic panelled windows usher nature within. Work in the city centre and get back to nature and green living. Is that cobblestone you're walking on, lined with tufts of lively moss? Or is it carpet, after all? Plants provide the O2, daylight makes the outlook bright.


With midnight blue and emerald green walls, vintage furniture, and tasteful artwork...it’s tempting to think a Dutch Master might pop by for a cuppa. Surrounded by majestic paintings, famous board games, and near-ceiling-height bookcases, stepping into a Classic Meeting Room or office space whisks you back in time.


Earth tones and pastel shades soothe and infuse with light and softness – especially paired with materials such as bamboo and wicker. Nordic's minimalist look spares you distraction so you can take those deep dives. The interior design fosters freedom to develop ideas in tranquillity and provides shelter amid the whirlwind of conversations, ideas, and discussions.

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Keep working with that shot-of-espresso high in a futuristic universe – bursting with energy. Glass walls, geometric shapes, and neon lights allude to speed, overview, and efficiency. Focussing on your tasks and ticking off to-do list items in the perfect flow? The design's silver-blue sheen makes it effortless. This is where you go to make plans happen, however ambitious they might be.

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